To meet the demand for black and white patterns we turned to our model Cambers and took the design back to the orginal 18th century engravings.

William Chambers was born in Gothenburg but made his career in England and became one of Europe’s leading architects. In 1757 he published “Chinese furniture...”, a book on Chinese design. Many of Johan Pasch murals in the Chinese Palace at Drottningholm has illustrations from Chambers’s book as inspiration. Our pot is in the 18th century spirit.

OUR NEW DESIGN VERSAILLESWith the success of our design Berain we continue with another pattern from the court of Louis XIV. The designer Jean Berain influenced the western world of his time with his fantasies of figures and flowers. We have chosen to apply this pattern on our baroque inspired flowerpot design to ehance the experience.

Simply Scandinavia produces the most genuine reproductions of Chinese porcelain, planters, vases, bowls and plates of traditional design. East Indian is the name of the porcelain patterns which were exported to Europe originating in the traditional patterns that the Chinese themselves appreciated. Export porcelain on the other hand is considered to be the designs and patterns that the European trade companies ordered in China based on Western drawings, meticulously copied by Chinese craftsmen. Each family of means ordered dinner services with their own family crest.

Jaques de Maults

was an assistant to Berain and is responsible for decorating the Gallery of Charles XI at the Palace in Stockholm.

The East India ship “Götheborg”

sank on the 12th of September 1745 only 900 meters from its home port in Sweden.
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Jean-Eric Rehn

Jean-Eric Rehn was Sweden’s most celebrated designer in 18th Century.
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In 1684 the Chinese Emperor opened up foreign trade with China.
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Chinese porcelain manufacturing in the 18th Century

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Nicodemus Tessin was the leading Swedish architect in the 17th/18th century. His most famous building is the Royal Palace in Stockholm. He designed a grand house for himself close to the Palace. Our flower pot “Tessin” is decorated with his own plans for his house.

VERSAILLES ON OTHER SHAPESWe put our new design on more basic pots for more modern interiors.